Presentation Guidelines


If you plan to hand out paper copies during your presentation, you are responsible for copying and providing them at the Conference. There are NO Conference sponsored copy machines for your use at Cobo Center. The Cobo Business Center will be open to conference attendees to use their copying, fax, and computer useage services for a fee.

Session Rooms:

Speakers must bring their own laptops. Session rooms will NOT be equipped with laptops. Laptops should be plug-in ready with a PowerPoint version installed that is compatible with your presentation, and if applicable, video program installed compatible for your video presentation.

A laser pointer, podium, LCD video projector, and projection screen will be provided in each session room. We will NOT have wireless microphones, slide advancers, or wireless mice.


Do not depend on Internet for presenting any part of your presentation. Ultra high speed (802.11g 54M) Wi-Fi available throughout the Cobo Center is for limited use. WiFi saturation is a problem for all big events and can make WiFi connectivity unreliable.